Our goal is to make recycling as easy and convenient as possible for our customers, while complying with all Federal, State and local laws and regulations.



We purchase metals from commercial businesses and directly from the public. We are conveniently located in NW Fort Worth near the stockyards where our yard is separated into various zones to expedite the processing of your materials quickly. A visit to our facility means you get fast service and fast payment. Our goal is to make recycling as easy and convenient as possible for our customers, following all Federal, State and local laws while maintaining a safe environment

Our outside help personnel, upon request, will help you to quickly off-load and separate your materials. By working with the latest shredding and material separation technology we maximize the value of each material that is processed. We pass this efficiency on to you so we can offer you the best possible price for your recyclables. At all times we seek to provide our customers with outstanding customer service and top prices. You will experience personal service from our staff in order to ensure a pleasant and productive visit.

Please note:

  • Every seller must have a valid government issued ID such as a driver’s license or State ID
  • To receive payment in cash, every seller must have an American Recycling-issued, Texas Cash Transaction Card, otherwise known as a “Texas Cash Card”. If this is your first time at our yard we will quickly and easily obtain all the necessary information, including digital photograph, signature and fingerprint for us to issue your card, which we will then, as required by law, mail to your home.

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