We will match your materials with the right buyers and sellers—both domestically and internationally—through our vast network of businesses and clients. We insure that, whether you are buying or selling, you will receive top quality materials.



Our brokering service offers scrap metal businesses a unique opportunity to sell their products directly into the domestic and international markets. Through our vast network of businesses and clients, we will match your materials with the right buyers and sellers. We can pair you with the right contacts to ensure smooth transactions in shipping your recyclables to any destination.

While we predominantly ship to North America and Asia, we also export all kinds of metal to various countries. We specialize in shipping large items overseas in bulk—a convenience that will save you time and money. All of our containers meet the necessary specifications and are in compliance with international shipping rules and regulations. We can handle the red tape so you don’t have to.

Contact our metals brokers to find out how our brokering service can help you maximize profits from your materials.

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